Advanced tool to predict pollutant concentrations up to 72 hours ahead using dynamic atmospheric modeling

Predicting Air Quality at Regional and Street Levels

The software employs weather forecasts, topography, and emissions data to provide detailed air quality insights, even in unmonitored locations.
It indicates whether pollutants will accumulate or disperse, aiding city managers in reducing pollution exposure and keeping communities informed.
Airvoice.Forecast predicts and visualizes pollutant concentrations at a resolution of 1 km (standard) or up to 100 m (with the Airvoice.Lens extension), ensuring comprehensive area coverage.
Detect and predict regional and local pollution events
Analyze long-term air quality trends for strategic planning
Tasks Solved by Airvoice.Forecast
This tool helps city and industry managers to:
* Available with the Lens extension
Plan urban and industrial activities with air quality considerations
Evaluate traffic’s air quality impact to effectively manage exposure*
Pre-evaluate pollution control strategies
Identify non-weather related pollution sources
Enhance community trust through transparent air quality data
Notify the public of high pollution levels to promote preventive measures
How It Works
What’s Inside
Airvoice.Forecast uses a chemical transport model to predict air quality patterns across the domain. For street-scale mapping, it integrates a high-resolution model that accounts for traffic emissions and their dispersion in built-up areas.*
  • Tracks PM2.5, PM10, O3, CO, NO2, and CH2O levels

  • Forecasts 72 hours in advance with hourly updates

  • Maintains a two-week data history for retrospective pollution analysis
* Available with the Airvoice.Lens extension

Key Interface Elements

Product Functionality
Airvoice.Lens Extention
  • Supports pollution reduction strategies

  • Assists urban planners in decision-making

  • Encourages preventive actions among residents
The module delivers detailed real-time and forecasted air quality maps at the street level (up to 100 m), integrating road and infrastructure data to assess vehicular impact on air quality.
Airvoice.Forecast as Part of the Airvoice Platform
Combined with air quality monitoring, this tool helps interpret air quality incidents. For instance, linking urban smoke haze to distant wildfires, enabling effective city responses.
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For cities
Cities can integrate historical, real-time, and forecasted air quality data into urban planning and pollution mitigation strategies.
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