Your atmospheric digital twin to forecast the spread of air pollutants from aerial and point sources

Stay Ahead of Air Pollution

Airvoice.Plume is a modeling tool that predicts and visualizes pollutant dispersion from sources under dynamic atmospheric conditions.
The underlying model takes into account the topography and land cover effects to visualize how pollutants are carried by air, flowing over hills or accelerating over water bodies, and accumulate in surface depressions.

An intuitive interface for visualizing emission dynamics facilitates the process of interpreting dispersion patterns. Customizable for each project, it empowers cities and industries to anticipate and mitigate environmental risks.
Predict the spread of pollutant concentrations from multiple sources. 24 hours ahead
Differentiate the contributions of different sources into air quality
Tasks Solved by the Product
Airvoice.Plume Helps Industrial Enterprises to
Maintain strong and transparent relations with stakeholders
Schedule industrial or urban activities to mitigate the community’s exposure
Receive alerts of upcoming exceedances to proactively manage air pollution episodes
Visualize the dynamics of a source’s impact on nearby areas as atmospheric conditions change
How It Works
What’s Inside
Airvoice.Plume employs advanced stochastic trajectory models for non-reactive pollutant dispersion in dynamic settings. The model accounts for both wet and dry deposition and decay processes.
The tool uses detailed terrain models and land surface classifications with up to 1-km resolution. The meteorological inputs are derived from up-to-date regional weather forecasts generated by an expertly tuned WRF-ARW model, enabling accurate local dispersion forecasts.

Source emissions data is initially based on inventories and refined through continuous comparison with ground monitoring. Alternatively, continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) data can be used.
Product Functionality

Key Features and

Dynamic dispersion modeling
The forecasted plume is dynamically evolving with time as atmospheric conditions change.
High-resolution wind field forecasts
Updated every 6 hours: as opposed to global forecasts, our windfields account for even minor topography and land cover features.
Multiple sources presentation
Combined impact of multiple pollution sources can be visualized simultaneously.
Multi-species modeling
Airvoice.Plume incorporates concurrent tracking of several substances.
Multiple altitude visualization
Visualization of concentration forecasts at surface level and at multiple heights above the ground.
Virtual Sampling Points
Instantly plot concentrations predicted by the model at any point within the computational domain.
Refining Model with Monitoring Data
As a part of the Platform, Airvoice.Plume enables qualitative and quantitative comparison between forecasts and ground observations to validate source emissions, refine their parameters and identify unrecognized pollutant sources using history matching.
The model can also be used as an alternative for conventional and virtual on-stack sensors.
For industries
  • Understand the impact of particular sources on air quality.
  • Attribute the observed increase in ground-level concentrations to specific sources.
  • Strategically manage operations to minimize air pollution in nearby communities.
For cities
  • Identify emission sources linked to air quality issues and public concerns.
  • Proactively assess air quality implications of urban planning decisions.
  • Notify residents of expected pollution episodes in advance.
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