Airvoice Indoor Air Quality Monitor

A compact, real-time device for tracking indoor air safety, health, and comfort

Smart, Accurate, and Affordable

Features & Benefits
Building Public Awareness and Trust
Verified Accuracy
Enables monitoring of air pollutant thresholds to aid in achieving green building certification goals.
Incorporates industry leading high-quality sensors, each rigorously calibrated for accuracy.

The Airvoice Indoor Air Quality Monitor leverages smart, proven technology to ensure comprehensive monitoring of indoor environments

Air Quality Monitoring
Real-Time Data Transfer
Sends measurements to the server every minute, ensuring continuous data availability.

Design & Operation

Technical data

IAQ Monitor as Part of the Airvoice.Indoor Air Value Management System

BMS Integration
Adapt the system to your specific needs with a flexible API.
Seamlessly connect with Building Management Systems for enhanced operational efficiency and energy savings.
Detailed Real-Time Insights

Airvoice's indoor monitors integrate smoothly with the Airvoice.Indoor AQ Platform, providing data in intuitive maps and charts. The platform offers extensive data analysis, customizable alerts, and more. Key features include:

Issue Detection
Quickly identify and address environmental concerns.

Airvoice IAQ Monitors for…

Monitor and respond to air quality changes in real-time, identify pollution sources, support clean air policies, and foster community trust through transparent communication.
Establish a centralized IAQ control system to ensure healthy air for better learning.
Showcase your commitment to tenant health and well-being to raise the property’s value.
Residential & Commercial
Ensure high air quality in medical facilities to minimize the spread of infectious diseases.
Build a digital twin of air quality and improve building performance to optimize indoor climate and energy efficiency.
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