Real-time indoor air quality management platform for improved safety, health, and productivity
Airvoice.Indoor provides actionable air quality insights at a building, floor, room, or sensor level in real time
Property owners and businesses can use Airvoice.Indoor to effectively manage their ventilation and air filtration systems, ensuring safe and healthy indoor environments. The platform provides clear visualization of air parameters that can be shared with tenants, employees, and investors through a website, mobile app, and public displays.

With a reliable continuous air quality monitoring system in place, buildings and corporations can drive value for occupants and earn credits for green/healthy building certifications.

Creating the Value of Safe and Healthy Indoor Air

The Airvoice.Indoor Platform Helps You to...

Communicate High Air Quality Standards
Showcase your commitment by letting tenants or employees know about the quality of air they breathe and consequent health benefits.
Gain a Green or Healthy Building Certification
Implement a continuous air quality management system and earn points for WELL, LEED, or other certifications.
Promote Well-being with Optimal Air Quality
Optimize your ventilation and air filtration systems' operation based on a room occupancy schedule and human activity.
Balance Ventilation and Energy Efficiency
What’s Inside

Features and Capabilities

Enjoy user-friendly maps and charts
to view in real time and analyze past air quality parameters at room, floor, and building levels.
The Indoor Air Quality Index (IAQI)
based on the EPA standards clearly indicates the level of potential health and safety concern associated with air quality.
Analytics and reports
are available on demand or periodically to provide greater insight into indoor air quality, comfort, and safety.
Notification settings
Users can set customized notifications to detect emerging issues and take timely actions.
Effective communication tools
Displays in public spaces and widgets on a website or mobile app help engage stakeholders and increase loyalty.
Outdoor air quality integration
Data from ambient sensors provides additional insight for effective ventilation control and adds value to indoor environmental control.
Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Solution
Build a Holistic System to Effectively Manage Indoor Air
The platform integrates:
Trustworthy Airvoice and third-party sensors
Cutting-edge algorithms for accurate data interpretation
Approved air purification and sanitation units
Alerts and AI-based recommendations
HVAC control/ Building Management Systems (upon request)

Airvoice.Indoor for…

Establish a centralized IAQ control system to ensure healthy air for better learning.
Showcase your commitment to people’s health and well-being to raise the property’s value.
Residential & Commercial
Ensure high air quality in medical facilities to minimize the spread of infectious diseases.
Ensure a perfect indoor environment to increase performance and reduce sick leaves and absenteeism.
Build a digital twin of air quality and improve building performance to optimize indoor climate and energy efficiency.
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