For cities
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Build a dense network of compact and affordable continuous air quality monitoring stations. Utilize powerful tools for pollution mapping, analysis, and forecasting. Make informed environmental choices and raise public awareness about air quality.
Gain valuable insights from air quality data and take informed environmental decisions.
Access a complete technology suite for real-time insights into your impact on the air environment. Gain a 72-hour forecast and in-depth pollution analysis. Ensure standards compliance and foster a stable, responsible image.
For industries
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Ensure a healthy and safe indoor air environment. Enhance occupant loyalty and retention while preserving energy efficiency. Boost property value and achieve green building certification.
For buildings
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Air quality monitoring platform
Access comprehensive insights into air quality, both indoors and out. From cityscapes to individual rooms, stay informed with real-time stats and alerts for air quality events.
Air Environment Digital Twins & Pollution Forecasting
Deep dive into your environmental footprint, track pollution sources, and predict plume dispersion. Empower informed decisions and fortify your sustainability strategy.
Compact and Precise Air Quality Monitors
Establish your own network of continuous air quality monitors to gain control of indoor or outdoor air. Get accurate data on CO2, PM2.5, PM10, and other air pollutants & weather parameters.
Founded in 2018 in Eastern Europe
17+ years of expertise in air quality
50+ global projects on air quality
Partnerships with top universities
About Airvoice
We are committed to pioneering developments in both hardware and software for comprehensive monitoring and control of air quality, indoors and outdoors.
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Case studies
Continuous air quality monitoring network in the Pacific Islands
Dust dispersion control solution for coal transloading terminal
Coworking area
Smart cities
June 5, 2023
19 Apr 2021
2 Feb 2020
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