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Airvoice Contributes to Cleaner Air in India

December 2 is the National Pollution Control Day in India, dedicated to preventing pollution and raising awareness of how we impact the environment. Airvoice is actively contributing to this effort with solutions that really make a difference in air quality in India.
Unfortunately, India faces severe air pollution, considered to be the world’s second-most polluted country. Air pollution shortens the average Indian life expectancy by 5 years and even more in heavily polluted areas like Delhi.

Airvoice provides cutting-edge software and hardware for ambient and indoor air quality monitoring and management. We build high-resolution air quality monitoring networks and develop pollution forecasting tools backed by research and mathematical modeling that help to timely identify air quality issues, pinpoint pollution sources, predict the spread of emissions, and monitor air parameters at the regional or local level. This empowers cities, industries, and individuals to make data-driven decisions to ensure we all breathe cleaner air.

For instance, Airvoice’s technologies, local authorities and companies can differentiate the contribution of particular sources to air quality, test hypotheses, and take initiatives for air quality improvement. With our dedicated forecasting tools, industrial enterprises can control their emissions and evaluate the effectiveness of solutions used to reduce public exposure. We also provide convenient data visualization and communication tools that promote public awareness and trust.

Airvoice Participating in National and Industrial Air Quality Initiatives

There are several ongoing initiatives in India aimed at developing air quality improvement solutions, including:

• National Clean Air Programme (NCAP);

• The 100 Smart Cities Mission;

National Clean Air Programme (NCAP)
The National Clean Air Programme (NCAP), launched in 2019 by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, is India’s flagship program for better air quality. It aims to improve air quality and public health by identifying cost-effective measures to reduce emissions from all the known sources.

An extended real-time monitoring network that provides accurate and reliable air quality data is fundamental for mitigating air pollution in India. Currently, the country’s monitoring network includes 1326 stations (Manual + CAAQM Stations) covering 478 cities in 28 States and 7 Union Territories.

A significant challenge is analyzing and presenting data from numerous sources in an insightful and actionable way to form a basis for data-driven decision making by the government. A single, systematic solution is needed for data aggregation, interpretation, analysis, and user-friendly visualization. Airvoice is committed to developing and implementing such a solution for the NCAP within the next five years.

The Airvoice platform, which incorporates mathematical models and advanced algorithms, smoothly integrates air quality data from various sources. It aims to create a unified ecosystem for authorities, industries, and public organizations to collaborate effectively towards cleaner air. A key advantage of the Airvoice platform is its ability to visualize air quality data with clear graphs, maps, and widgets, aiding in better understanding air quality issues and encouraging people to minimizetheir exposure to air pollution.

Our current objective is to help the government, businesses and communities to joint efforts in reducing the PM 2.5 and PM 10 concentrations by 20−25% in the top 10 cities with the highest levels of air pollution.

The Smart Cities Mission
The Smart Cities Mission strives to foster cities that provide core infrastructure and a clean, sustainable environment, enhancing residents' quality of life with innovative ‘smart' solutions. It focuses on catalyzing economic growth and elevating living standards by addressing the social, economic, physical and governance aspects of urban development. 100 cities have been selected for transformation under this initiative.

Within the Smart Cities Mission, Airvoice has launched a joint project together with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in Indore. Under this partnership, Airvoice provides its expertise, research capabilities, and software to help analyze data and unify various air quality monitoring solutions onto a single platform.