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Indoor air quality project at the ICH BV office

In February, we launched our first indoor air quality project together with ICH BV in the Netherlands. People are the core value of ICH BV, and its leadership uses every possible opportunity to take care of their health and well-being.
To track air quality and safety parameters in the office, a network of five monitors has been deployed in four areas: the open area combined with a canteen, the gym, the engineering office room, and the warehouse. Additionally, one mobile unit is used in different rooms as needed.

Data on CO2 concentrations, particulate matter PM2.5 and PM10, temperature, and humidity is transferred in real time to the AirVoice. Indoor Platform so that everybody can see how healthy the indoor air is in each room at every moment of time. And if it should be improved, our experts can help find an optimal data-driven solution.

The ICH BV founders are high-class engineers, so their two office buildings have an advanced, sustainable design. For example, there is no ventilation equipment there, only natural ventilation inlets.

Among other things, we have noticed that the CO2 level is quite low in ICH BV’s offices, which is good for the staff’s health and productivity. High CO2 concentrations deteriorate human mental activity, so it is critical to keep them low in workspaces.

We were also pleased to find out that Hollandscheveld has pretty good outdoor air quality, which follows from low indoor concentrations of particulate matter PM2.5 and PM10. Since there is no air purification system in the building, ambient air quality has a significant impact on indoor air parameters.