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Ashwini K Channan shared his opinion with The Tech Panda News

Ashwini Chanan, CEO Airvoice India shared his opinion about the Interim Union Budget 2024 with The Tech Panda News:

"The budget for the upcoming fiscal years reflects a positive perspective. As a Vote-on-account, it indicates continuous support for existing programs and an augmented focus on infrastructure spending. Notably, the establishment of a corpus of one lakh crore rupees is a key highlight, providing long-term financing or refinancing at favorable terms, fostering investments in intelligent CleanTech solutions.

"The budget’s emphasis on Blue Economy 2.0 reinforces a commitment to creating holistic and cleaner environments. This strategic move supports the development and acceptance of cleantech, coupled with initiatives like rooftop solarization, ensuring accessibility to air-quality hardware and products. While the comprehensive impact of the government’s commitment to CleanTech will unfold in the full-budget presentation post-elections, our outlook remains highly optimistic."